(Earth Moving Equipment Mechanic)      

Diesel mechanics maintain all functions of diesel vehicles, including heavy earthmoving equipment used on opencast mines, etc.

The following modules/unit standards are done during training:

Basic Training

  • Examine bearings
  • Tension and align V-belts
  • Cut and fit gaskets
  • Lift and move equipment
  • Start a four-stroke petrol/diesel engine
  • Maintain cylinder heads
  • Maintain lubrication systems
  • Maintain fuel systems
  • Maintain cooling systems

Advanced Training

  • Principles of pneumatics
  • Principles of hydraulics
  • Repair a steering system
  • Overhaul a power transmission
  • Maintain auto-electrical systems
  • Grind valves
  • Maintain clutches
  • Assemble a differential and final drive
  • Tune up an engine fitted with a distributor or in-line fuel system

For more information and specific modules/unit standards, please feel free to contact CTC's engineering (administration) Department.

Any part of the course can also be done as per client specification.